Choosing a Vinyl Floor Texture

Just as there are a variety of colors to choose from, vinyl flooring comes in several different textures. How do you know which lvp flooring in melbourne fl is best for your feet? To decide what feels best underfoot, here are some tips that you may want to consider.

Walk it. You can tell a lot about the texture of a vinyl floor by simply walking on it with bare feet. Try all the options you’ve narrowed down next to each other and walk around on them.

Try a test patch. Make sample vinyl flooring pieces from each option you’re considering and put them in the room where you plan to install the floor. Then step on them barefoot or with different types of shoes -whatever feels good.

Look at it from above. Knocking your knuckles against the surface of a vinyl flooring sample is a great way to determine how soft it feels. Vinyl with a soft top layer, will feel spongy when you knock your knuckles against it. Vinyl with a harder top layer will sound more solid and not be as soft underfoot.

Feel the texture. Push your fingernail into the vinyl flooring sample to see how easily it retracts to its original shape. The softer the vinyl, the more easily it would give when you step on it.

Watch for seams. Vinyl flooring with a continuous, raised pattern feels much better underfoot than vinyl that has seams where the pieces were glued together.

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Keep in mind that vinyl flooring comes with an attached padding. The cushion between your feet and the vinyl gives your floors extra comfort, but also affects how the texture feels underfoot. Some vinyl floors have thin padding (like indoor/outdoor carpet), while others have thick padding (like the cushiony kind used at home).